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I'm YTPMaker I used to make a lot of YTPs back in 2021 and 2022 now I don't cuz I ran out of ideas lol
The easist way to contact me is on VidLii (YTPMakerVL) but you can contact on email ( also on gab (@YTPMaker) on poast and my element (
How did I find VidLii
Well on August 12, 2022 I found this video ( and I thought it was super funny and explored VidLii until this video showed up ( and convinced me to join VidLii.
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I use this website for uploading for my neo nazi stuff more of the links below are sfw
My WorldTruth Video Channel
basically the same as the last one but I like this site more than VidLii
My BitView Channel
This is my sfw channel but don't expect too much uploads on BitView
Anti Faggotry Action
This is just a server I co-own, its also nfsw.
The AryanTruth Network Server
basically the same as the last one
The American Nazi Party
This is just a neo nazi group I support